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The Omaha Women’s Job Corp. Center

During the 1960s, the American government began a project to combat poverty, increase job opportunities, and bolster the economy. In Omaha, this national movement concretized, at least in one way, in ...


Marian Nelson


There is no question that there have been many exceptional women throughout the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s (UNO) history. We have names and numbers that can be used to tell the story of our u...

AREAS OF INTREST: Activism, Education

Maggie May

After simply typing the word “woman” in the Gateway search engine of the online archives, Quinn discovered a column from the spring semester of 1972 entitled “Womankind” by a student named Mag...

AREAS OF INTREST: Activism, Media and Communications, Politics, Social Justice, Women's Rights, Writing

Wanda Ewing

Wanda studied printmaking before teaching in a tenure-track position in UNO’s art department. Throughout her career, she faced the tensions and pressures of feminism, beauty, racial segregatio...

AREAS OF INTREST: Activism, Arts, Education, Social Justice, Women's Rights

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