Part Four Returning Home

During Mary Alice’s career overseas, she missed her family a great deal, especially her mom. She came back to the States for special occasions and events. “I didn’t really have a family of my own overseas, but I had a great network of friends and people I could call family.” Mary Alice never married, but that didn’t mean she was never close to a happily-ever-after. She had two serious love interests, and one man that she really thought she was going to marry. However, when she took a job in a different town thinking that he would be there when she returned, he didn’t wait as she had hoped. Instead, he fell in love and married someone else who was more eager to settle down and start a traditional life. Mary Alice said it was a difficult break up, like those “weepy movie kinds,” but it made her stronger and more determined to pursue her passions. While Mary Alice never had any children of her own, she devoted her life to all of the children she met, taught, and nurtured over the years.

Once Mary Alice decided to come back to the States to retire, she was looking forward to spending time with her mother. However, when she got back to the US, her mother’s health wasn’t very good, and she passed away shortly after. “I was sad that I wasn’t able to spend as much time with her, but grateful to be able to see her again before she passed.” Mary Alice now lives in a quiet neighborhood in Omaha, where she enjoys her retirement. She is still an active person in her community, spending time at church, Bible study, and before her knee got worse, helping out in whatever ways she was needed.