Peggy Smith Finch

Peggy Smith Finch beautifully captures the power of literacy and learning in a woman’s life, even in a time when we often take such matters for granted. For Peggy, reading often symbolized a way to understand the world outside her small town life; a point of contention with her parents who wanted the best for her, but who had a different notion of what “best” might entail. Finch converted her passion for reading and learning into an education that took her far away. She has worked as an exhibits manager in art and history museums in Indiana, Connecticut, and New York. She eventually landed in Omaha with her “then-husband.” After a successful career and raising a family, Peggy yearned to learn and grow in new ways. She came to UNO in 2008 to pursue a master’s degree in communication with a certificate in technical communication and information design. This Literacy Narrative video is part of her story.

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