Cindy Melby Phaneuf

Profile By: Benjamin Divis


Part Six Cindy’s Legacy

Students and anyone who spends an extended time with Cindy can attest that her outgoing attitude is contagious. She sets goals for herself that some might consider outrageous and unrealistic, but Cindy has proven from her efforts that nothing could be farther from the truth. Whether she is bringing Shakespeare to the masses, revealing women playwrights for their brilliant minds, or pushing students to recognize their true talents, Cindy is constantly enriching the lives of those around her. Her own daughter seems to have inherited this attitude toward life. Kristin majored in international relations and is now working at Strategic Command. “She doesn’t want to join the Peace Corps and help a small village, one person at a time. She really wants to work on economic empowerment, something that lasts beyond the short-term” (Interview 2013). Since her return to Omaha, Cindy has performed valuable services for the city, the school, actors and playwrights across the country, mental patients, doctors, and anyone who holds a deep appreciation for the theatre, Shakespearean or otherwise. 2014 will be her thirtieth anniversary at UNO, but Dr. Cindy Melby Phaneuf shows no signs of slowing down.