Profile By: Mary Henley


Part Five Kid-Centric Career

Genevieve Price has always been determined, diligent, and patient. Those distinctive qualities are essential for the type of work to which she devoted her life.  She was determined to introduce children to the library and the world of literature. She was diligent in protecting the innocence of children’s minds and, in turn, allowing them to remain kids for as long as possible. Her patience was utilized in her interactions with both children and adults. Price took great pains to select books that would hold the interest of a particular child so that s/he would continue to enjoy reading and visiting the library. Patience was also used when encountering the trials of a gendered workplace. These different components made it possible for her to do what she truly loved and encourage children to do the same. All of these qualities underscore Price’s sense of a higher calling and purpose. “I don’t know why, but I have always been happy no matter where I have been. I have always had the feeling after a certain amount of time… if this is where the Lord wants me, then that is fine” (Price).