Libby DiBiase
1987 - Present


Part One Sports from an Early Age

Libby was born Elizabeth Anne DiBiase, the only child of Sharon and Pat DiBiase, in Omaha, Nebraska on October 7, 1987. According to her mother, Sharon, Libby was “very energetic and full of life” as a child. “She loved being outside and riding her bike. I couldn’t keep her inside” (S. DiBiase). Libby showed athletic promise at three years old when she was enrolled in gymnastics. She continued with gymnastics, and when she was 10, began participating in soccer as well. Her athletic talent was evident from the beginning, as was her propensity to be an integral part of a team.

Libby was so fast, she was on the middle school track team as a fourth grader because her times were faster than the older runners’. She excelled in soccer, playing on Millard Star Arsenal, a club team, during middle school, and also did competitive cheer in middle school. Due to her gymnastics background, she was a perfect “flyer,” being tossed into the air and doing acrobatics. She used her gymnastic ability on the soccer field as well, doing flip throw-ins, which, as a junior high student, made her a standout on the team (S. DiBiase).

When Libby entered high school, she chose to cheer and run track, and became Westside High School’s Track Athlete of the Year every year of her high school career. Even in track, which is often seen as individual, the team aspect of organized sports appealed to Libby. “Her energy came from the others on her team and even if she was better . . . it was more important for her to be on the team. She always seemed to encourage the others” (S. DiBiase).


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Part Two High School Track

Jonathan Priester, Libby’s track coach at Westside, agrees that she was an integral part of the team. “She always led by example . . . was always encouraging. She was always the first to congratulate her opponents and to tell her teammates great job. The girls that came after her had an example of what you were supposed to strive for and be when you stepped on the track.”

Libby’s freshman year coincided with Priester’s first year as the girl’s track head coach, a position he still holds. When asked about Libby’s impact on the community, he says, “As far as . . . her impact, she truly has meant everything to the track and field program at Westside High School. When I first took over the track and field program at Westside was absolutely in the tank. Her ability to