Libby DiBiase
1987 - Present


Part Eleven Accomplishments

Libby DiBiase will be remembered in the CrossFit community as an early adopter and ambassador of the fitness movement that urged women to shift their perceptions of fitness, health, and the scale. Yet, even with all of the athletic accomplishments, endorsements, and internet exposure Libby has experienced as a CrossFitter, the achievements Libby is most proud of in her life thus far are graduating from UNO and being a mother to her son (L. DiBiase). It has been a long road with a few unexpected pit stops, but it has all been worth it to Libby. She is grounded and knows that her days as a sponsored athlete won’t last forever, that her family is what matters. “Her accomplishments as an athlete are impressive, but . . . family comes first, and I believe Libby knows that and lives that philosophy” (S. DiBiase).