Libby DiBiase
1987 - Present


Part Three Track in College

Libby’s determination, combined with innate ability, led to a partial scholarship for track at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2006. Libby was unhappy there, saying she wished she would have started out her college career at UNO, as she preferred living in Omaha (L. DiBiase). She transferred and ran a successful season of track at UNO in the spring of 2007, but her track career was short-lived. “I did really bad in a lot of classes, so I didn’t do track the next year. I was the classic example of coming in and failing a couple of classes” (L. DiBiase).

Most disappointing to Libby was that she missed out on running for UNO’s All-American 4×100 team the following spring, which she would have been part of if she had been eligible to run. “I didn’t get to run on that, but you know what? It happened and there was nothing I could do about it” (L. DiBiase). What Libby didn’t realize at the time was that there was something even bigger in her future—a grassroots fitness movement turned sport—CrossFit.


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Part Four Introduction to CrossFit

Though Libby was unable to participate in track during her sophomore year at UNO, she was still able to utilize the training facilities on campus. She liked lifting weights, and met two UNO strength and conditioning coaches while in the weight room: Joe Westerlin, UNO graduate and football player, and Ricky Frausto Jr., a UNO graduate and wrestler.

Westerlin and Frausto had recently founded CrossFit Omaha out of UNO’s facilities. In 2008, when the business began to thrive, they quit their jobs with UNO and moved the gym to 8938 L Street, where it continues to operate with Joe at the helm. This was the first CrossFit box in the Omaha area. While still working out of UNO, they approached Libby in late 2007 and told her she should try CrossFit. By the summer of 2008, Libby was competing at the