Libby DiBiase
1987 - Present


Part Seven Media Interest and Magazine Articles

Libby and other CrossFit athletes are working toward goals in the gym, rather than goals in the mirror, focusing on gains rather than losses. Libby’s beauty helps place her in the crossroads, allowing her to act as a bridge between the so-called ideal female body in the entertainment and fashion industry and the muscular body most elite CrossFit athletes have. Publishers of online women’s fitness magazines such as Hardbody News, Strong Fitness Magazine, and Intense Fitness have taken notice as well, featuring Libby multiple times over the past six years. “She may not clear 5’4”, but the young mom from Omaha is a rock-solid, steak-eating, clean-and-jerking machine” (Braz).

Libby’s athletic appeal can also be seen in the multiple Reebok ads she appears in, promoting their CrossFit line. “The Reebok Life” is a short clip created by Reebok in which Libby and Stacie Tovar, another elite CrossFit athlete from CFO, poke fun at the shorts they are so well-known for wearing. These two women helped make the CrossFit “booty shorts” famous, and the commercial pays homage to that without taking it too seriously. Libby’s early influence on the community, her friendly girl next door vibe, and her hard work and talent make her ideal for a company like Reebok, which explains why she continues to take part in Reebok ad campaigns today.


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Part Eight Scrutiny and Body Image

Although there certainly are issues with female CrossFitters being scrutinized for their muscles, Libby is one of the women whose participation in the CrossFit movement is slowly working to shift female body ideals away from thigh-gap skinny, toward strong and healthy. While some would say this is still problematic, as any body ideal will be unattainable for many, it is most importantly changing and broadening perceptions of what it means to be a woman and of what women are capable of. Libby’s presence in advertising is pushing the boundaries of the ideal female body type. Libby along with other high-profile CrossFit women, is helping to redefine what it means to be a female athlete and challenging gender roles. “Women can be strong but . . . feminine” (L. DiBiase).

Libby’s physique is a product of hard work at the gym as