W. Meredith Bacon

Profile By: Jacquelyn Anderson


Intellect, Teacher, Protector

One of the most exceptional things that Meredith has done with her life is providing a home for transgender youth. Meredith and Lynne give them a home for a short period of time where they provide structure and support for these youth between the ages of 15 and 24. Although most of the time the youth stay with them for a short period of time, there have been a couple of exceptions, some of whom have been living with them for upwards of two years:

We try to get them a safe and supportive environment, which basically means they’re not worried about someone beating them up. And when they talk about their transgender identity we support them, we let them explore it. They can dress however they want to in our house. There were times when we had four trans- youth hanging out at our house. Only a couple of them lived with us at the time, so for a trans-youth it was almost like a club. In fact, a lot of trans-youth have come to our house over the years just to have some place to hang out and be themselves. It’s called Trans Central Station. (Bacon)

She believes that providing a safe environment for trans-youth is crucial and does her best to provide that for them. At the same time, she also advocates that these youth attempt to reconnect with their families. Part of that support includes helping the family better understand their transgendered child—a natural role for a scholar and teacher.

Dr. W. Meredith Bacon is truly a wonderful role model to all those around her. Not only is she a strong woman who stands up for who she is and what she believes in, but she is also highly intelligent and accomplished. Despite all of her scholarly achievements, one of the most outstanding things about Meredith is her compassion for the trans-youth community. Not only does she take these youth into her own home and care for them, but she also has a great desire to open a homeless shelter for LGBTQ youth that would provide educational and rehabilitation opportunities. Perhaps, someday, she will be able to achieve her dream.